Branding & Illustration for Launch Event of a off the grid residence. 


ROLE_ Lead Designer

DATE_ 2016

The wonderful Phi Suea House, the world’s first in solar-hydrogen residential development, was holding a launch event. We needed a stage backdrop and imagery for the event. We wanted to capture the rich and vibrant greenery which surounded the house and have a natural, warm and earthy feel.  


Complete re-branding overall of website, communication materials, office space & field activities and games. 


ROLE_ Head of Communication & Design

DURATION_ 6 months

This was my first design brief after my studies had ended and I gave it my all. I re-designed their logo, website and office space. Took pictures of all team members and project acttitives. Created logos for all their initiatives and more importantly activities and spaces for children. I was extremely grateful for the opportunity to follow my passion for design and pushed the organization to take bold risks. I grew immensely at Baan Dek Foundation and it was wonderful to see a vision have such a lasting impact in an organization. 


Illustrating a book of Ditties for a friend. 

CLIENT_ Frankie

ROLE_ Illustrator

DATE_ 2020

Frankie's partner wants to be a published author one day and no doubt he will be. She wanted to surprise him by publishing a selection of his ditties to her, I have added some of the pages I illustrated here. 


UI design for a mobile version of the Pong Game re-imagined 

DEVELOPER_ Oscar Lopez

ROLE_ Visual Designer

DURATION_ An afternoon

This was the first mobile game I created a basic UI for. It was really fun to work on this little project and watch it come alive in the Play Store.