Launching a Magic Leap customization experience with H&M.

H&M Group had been exploring immersive technologies with Warpin for a while. This particular product that Warpin had built for them was an AR T-shirt customisation tool. The on demand print installation allowed customers to create a personalised design on a garment in AR. In total I project managed four Redesign Lab Installations. From the first ever public event culminating in an in-store launch in Tokyo. I coordinated with all the parties needed to bring the event to life and created a range visuals to showcase the experience and facilitate communication. The product evolved enourmously during the events as we kept improving it based on user observation and client feedback. 

The views expressed are my own only and do not necessarily speak for the views of H&M and/or Warpin. 


Project Manager mainly, Photographer, Designed some Marketing Materials & Installation Design in moments of need.


Lightroom, Pixelmator, Inkscape, iMovie, Slides


H&M Changemakers Lab, Berlin . Copenhagen Fashion Summit . Collision, Toronto .  H&M Harajuku Store, Tokyo


“We’d love to meet you and say thank you properly for all the amazing work you’ve done on the SW project! If you’re not free, could you maybe send us your work address? We’d love to send you a little thank you for all your hard work”

Claire, Senior Marketing Manager at Disney. 

“You’ve been a star throughout this crazy process, we would never have managed to sort out so many things without you. THANK YOU!”

Paulina, Regional Marketing Manager at H&M Japan & Korea.


This project was a first for me in immersive tech, but it was also a first for H&M and Warpin in many ways. I was mentally prepared for challenges. 

We did encounter many challenges but the support and encouragement of an extremely giving, creative and hardworking team made some of these feel like a breeze to tackle. The success of this project is down to a knowleagable and kind team who taught me so much. 

Project Manager - my role

CEO - Emma Ridderstad

CTO - Patrik Buckau

Experience Developer - Misha Barabanov

Experience Designer - Robin Perden

Developer - Erik Lindgren

Developer - Jakob Ulvenfalk

Senior 3D Artist - Jonas Malm

Senior 3D Artist - Paul O'Brien 

Stand and Installation Design - WeDo.se 


H&M Changemakers Lab, Berlin.


H&M Harajuku Store, Tokyo. 


Marketing materials for product deck - 3D Modelling by Jonas & Paul, I edited the lighting took the renders and photoshoped the image. 


Warpin was an early developer for Magic Leap so they had been familiar with the tech for a while, however most people we were coordinating with had never tried headworn AR before. I realized early on that emails and phone calls would not be enough. Which is why during the experiences I ended up creating the following communication materials. A technical deck with guidelines and necessary equipment requirements to get the experience up an running; an artist design pack with photoshop files and guidelines to create designs for the application; photogaphy and stats decks sent out with thank you emails and prospective events and two product showcase decks one for H&M and one for Warpin. 



For this event I coordinated with H&M Group to bring the vision to life, the WEEKDAY design team for the in-app prints, WeDo for the design of the installation, H&M in Berlin to set up the installation, Magic Leap for the loan of devices and our developers and artists. 

Before the event we also had some concerns the tracking of the AR devices in the conditions. So I ran out to an arts and craft store and found velvet strips which fit perfectly with our installation look and would. Armed with a gluegun we created a pattern on the walls to help with tracking. To this day it is one of my favourite installations.  



For this event I coordinated with H&M Group to transport the container to Copenhagen, WeDo for the design design of the container, Copenhagen Fashion Summit Organizers, Magic Leap for the loan of devices and our developers and artists. 



For this event  I liased with Magic Leap who was hosting the booth and our exhibition, I dealt with press who approached our booth and H&M Canada to coordinate a print solution for the event. The biggest challenge at Toronto was the volume of people who went to the event, the team worked tierlessly guide users through the experience.

Photographs were taken by me the video above was produced by Melisa DiMarco.



We had almost under a month to bring this event to life and it involved a huge effort from our team and all parties involved. It was the first time we would a constant stream of paying customers go trhough the experience. Disney and the H&M team in Tokyo were extremely helpful at bringing the event to life. 

I took some photographs but H&M had their own videographer and photographer for the press event and they created the video anbove. 



Jonas Malm created a 3D version of the store so we could ideate on layout with the H&M Tokyo team. I took various renders of different layouts to discuss flow and to use in future communication materials. My initial idea was to have Disney Star Trooper manequins in the window, Disney went above and beyond to try and get hold of all the necessary materials but due to the short notice of the event Disney was unable to get hold of the props due to them being used at other events. Days before the launch I rushed to create print material such as instructions for guests and the prints and posters seen in the above images. Even though I wish I had had more time to craft them, it was exciting to see my design up in an H&M store window.